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What exactly is a dSpot?

WiFi Hotspots are appearing in more and more locations but whenever you try and access them you are faced with the same problem - they are expensive to use.

Research has shown that the vast majority of Hotspot users only need access for 20-30 minutes to check email etc, or to pass the time whilst waiting for an appointment or journey. They are not heavy users and need infrequent access. The 'per hour' charges levied by the existing Hotspot providers are very high and this restricts the take up of Wi-Fi to business people who can pass the charges on to their company or people who are desperate for access and are willing to pay.

dSpot is a new concept, developed over the last 5 years (yes, we started in 2003) and built around ground breaking technology, supported by some of the largest Internet Service Providers, and using hardware from some of the world's most reputable manufacturers - together we allow customers to gain worldwide, free WiFi access to the Internet, supporting Windows, Macs, iPhones, iPods and PDAs.

More and more free dSpots are becoming available at major locations such as Cafes, Restaurants, Gas and Service Stations, RV Parks, Doctors, Dentists and transportation hubs (Bus, Coach, Rail and Air). Once you have registered your computer you can access any dSpot, anywhere and at any time, for free.

Whilst online at the dSpot you will see ads from local businesses. These ads pay for the service and you should find them appropriate. We encourage you to click them whenever they are of interest - many of them will be for local retail outlets near to you and may offer sizeable discounts and free offers!

The dSpot concept holds a number of provisional Patent Applications and dSpot is a registered trademark.

Funding Status

dSpot is privately funded however we are always open to approaches from potential investors and partners who wish to help dSpot expand nationally and internationally at a faster rate.

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dSpot is a registered Trademark