dSpot Toolbar Download

When you use a dSpot, you will see a page of local ads every 10 minutes. If this is too distracting then you can install our Toolbar. This small application runs along the edge of your screen and displays a single ad every so often without disrupting you.
It is completely safe, contains no virus, trojan or spyware and it's ONLY purpose is to display the ads instead of interrupting you. If you choose to remove it then it will uninstall completely leaving nothing behind.

NOTE:Due to a change in the servers, all Windows versions of the toolbars will need to be updated.
Uninstall the older version and download the new version below. If you have any problems then email feedback@dspot.com and we will help you out.

Click below to download the Toolbar for your particular computer

The toolbar must be actually running to stop the 10 minute interruption!

Mac users should find the dSpot Toolbar icon in Applications and click it (hint: drag it to the Mac toolbar to make it easier) and PC users should use START / Program Files / dSpot Access Manager and click on the program.

Note: Windows users must have Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 installed - if you get a warning message during the installation then you can download it here

The dSpot Toolbar is certified 100% virus free and contains NO spyware whatsoever.



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