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Yellow Pages Publishers, we need you!

dSpots are revolutionizing WiFi access around the World. No longer do customers need to pay to access the Internet whilst mobile. Even if a business already offers WiFi access or are in the coverage area of an existing WiFi Hotspot then dSpot can work alongside it or even replace it. dSpot locations get free advertising on the network as a benefit as well as a supporting website listing in the local Directory.

Set Your Books Apart By Offering Your Advertisers A FREE dSpot WiFi Network!

  • - differentiate yourself by offering advertisers exposure on a city-wide FREE WiFi NETWORK.
  • - attracts customers and provides media exposure for your books.
  • - generate additional revenue for Sales Representatives and your company.
  • - EXCLUSIVITY is offered on a first come first served basis.
  • - get a fully featured Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) included at no extra cost.
You provide WiFi "Hotspots" to your Advertisers in prime locations, such as Doctors, Restaurants, Auto Service Centers, etc. They benefit by giving their customers FREE WiFi Internet Access and they get free advertising on the local dSpot network. Once you have an established network throughout your town or city, you start selling advertising to the businesses that are not dSpots, either as an add-on to regular print sales or use it as a promotional tool to encourage higher sales values. Either way, it's an additional opportunity for your Sales Associates to get in front of your advertisers.

Get an IYP at no extra charge

dSpot provides you with a fully featured Internet Directory website (IYP) that is fully optimized for higher search engine rankings and populated with your advertiser's listings, coupons, logos, Yellow Page ads, videos, radio commercials, menus, their website and email links, location maps, customer comments, etc. This website is self-managed by the business owner and is the first page that the dSpot FREE WiFi end-user sees when they click on your advertiser's coupon or special offer. See Lake Havasu Phone Book IYP as a typical example.


  • The cost to you is a setup fee and a small monthly payment (from $500) based upon your print distribution.
  • You can sell/bundle advertising within the network as you wish - you retain all income.
  • dSpot retains a percentage of the ad display inventory for National advertising
  • The toolbar, interstial web pages and IYP are customized to your Look & Feel
  • You retain ownership of all IYP data and any associated creative work.
  • Get it before your competitors do!

    If you want an ad supported, well proven, WiFi network in your market, to support your print books, then talk to dSpot today - exclusivity is offered strictly on a first come, first served basis!

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