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dSpots will be appearing all over the country and they will be announced on this page as each is launched. We currently operate nearly 100 dSpots in Lake Havasu, AZ and have networks in Jackson, WY and Ojai, CA. We have new networks in Utah, Washington, Texas and Florida and are launching in Hawaii. We also have test units in London, England. Our targets are for over 100,000 available by the end of 2011.

As we grow the network, you will be able to search by ZIP, town and by type of location such as restaurants, RV parks, bars and coffee shops etc. Our new iPhone App will even give you compass direction and yards to the closest dSpot!

dSpots are International!

Yes, we will be launching dSpots throughout Europe, South America and Asia!

So wherever you are traveling to, be sure to check out the places where you are visiting to look for a dSpot - whether you choose to see ads every few minutes or install our dSpot Access Manager Toolbar for uninterrupted browsing, you will get high quality, free WiFi access from any dSpot ANYWHERE in the World.

Know of a good location for a dSpot?

We are always interested in working with new partners on both the distribution of dSpots as well as new ad inventories and new media opportunities. Get in touch if dSpot interests you.

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