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Is it really Free?

Yes, it is completely Free of Charge for you to use. The service is paid for by local advertisers placing ads with us.

Is it anonymous?

Yes absolutely!

We NEVER ask for any information that can be used to personally identify you - we may capture information about your computers viewing habits but NOT about you. You cannot be identified and it's completely anonymous at all times. We do however monitor traffic and any illegal activity will result in your computer being permanently barred from accessing our systems.

What sort of ads are displayed?

Well, first of all, every ad is vetted to be 'child friendly' so there should be no concerns about seeing unsavory ads on your screen. They are also designed to be of interest to you and your location - so for example, a local Restaurant might be offering a 2 for 1 meal which will be located close to where you access the dSpot. Cool eh?

Do I need to register?

NO, all we need to know is your year of birth to protect children. You will see local ads every 10 minutes or you can download a small program that displays a single ad and does not interrupt your web access - the dSpot Access Manager Toolbar. Once you have done this however you never need to do it again unless you have a second laptop (the Access Manager is available for Mac (Leopard and Snow Leopard) and PC). The dSpot Access Manager Toolbar program is virus checked and poses no security risk. Our uninstaller is also clean - so if you uninstall the Access Manager Toolbar it is 100% removed.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, there are a few. We don't permit access to illegal websites or for the use of the service for illegal or immoral services and these are monitored. Anyone found breaking our Terms and Conditions will have their computer banned from the service permanently. We are also aware that at busy locations and at busy times, we may have to restrict the amount of bandwidth available to each user. However when this happens, our engineers are informed and we will make arrangements to increase the bandwidth at that location.

What equipment can I use?

If you don't install our Access Manager Toolbar then we are compatible with any web browser and any device. If you prefer to use the Access Manager then we have versions for Windows 2000, XP and Vista as well as Mac OS X (10.3+).

Where can I find a dSpot?

Check out the 'Where is it' link and you will be able to find where the nearest dSpot is to you. You can also browse by popular locations - remember that the actual dSpot may not be actually inside the location but may be outside. Generally each dSpot covers a radius of 100 yards/meters so you might need to move around to get the best signal.

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