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You don't sign up from this Web Site - here is how it works....

When you arrive at a dSpot location, set your computer to search for available Wireless Networks. Assuming that you are in range of the dSpot you should see 'dSpot_Free' appear. Highlight this and click 'Connect' - if all is ok then you should find yourself connected to the dSpot. Often your laptop will connect automatically.

Open your web browser and you will be directed automatically to our Access Manager Toolbar installation pages. After confirming that you accept our Ts and Cs and your age you will be invited to download our small software program. Choose to 'run' and it will install it (it's very small) and this will place a dSpot Access Manager icon on your desktop. Note: The Windows versions of the Access Manager require Microsoft .Net 2.0 and if this is not already installed on your computer then you may need to download and install it. You will be informed of this if it is necessary and you only ever need to do it once.

If you choose not to install the Access Manager Toolbar, then you will see a page of ads every 10 minutes. If the dSpot Access Manager is installed and running when you use the dSpot, you will see non-disruptive, floating ads instead.

When you return to any dSpot in future, simply connect to the Wireless Network and start the dSpot Access Manager from your desktop.

If you attempt to access the dSpot without the Access Manager running then you will see pages of ads every 10 minutes. Also, if we update the software then you will receive a message telling you to update it.

Whilst you are connected to the dSpot you will see small ads appearing on the screen and then disappearing a few seconds later. These ads pay for the service and we make them unobtrusive and yet hopefully of interest to you. They might include free items and services from local vendors so we encourage you to click them when they are of interest. 

You can move the ad around on your screen so that it doesn't interfere with anything that you are working on and it remembers its position the next time the ad is displayed.

Whilst we may monitor the web sites and keywords that your computer accesses in order to display relevant ads, we NEVER hold ANY information that can be used to identify you personally.

Advertisers should read this

The displaying of relevant and targeted ads is a key part of the dSpot service and means that we are always looking for reputable and innovative companies to join us. We only look for companies that can offer true value and 'special' deals to our customers. We can target by demographic and also by location and ads displayed at a dSpot can be for a specific establishment close by or for a national chain. Rates are competitive for the extremely targeted audience.

If this interests you then get in touch on the Contact page.

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