What is a dSpot®
dSpot provides free WiFi Internet access to residents and visitors to Lake Havasu.

With more than 60 locations around Lake Havasu, dSpot delivers free Internet Access whilst promoting local businesses and events.

Ads from participating local businesses are displayed to the users every couple of minutes and these can be valuable 'money off' coupons or special deals only available to dSpot users.

When the user clicks the ad, they are taken to a custom online directory that contains more information about the business and then on to their web site.

Want to advertise?
Call a Sales Associate on 855 8022 for details on how to advertise your business on the dSpot network.

Currently active dSpot® Free WiFi Hotspots

Currently Active Coupons

Advertising Coupon Page shown every 10 minutes

dSpot Welcome Page shown at session start