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How can it be Free?

Existing WiFi services want to charge you a lot of money to access the Internet - we don't think that's fair and we have therefore developed a Free Wireless Hotspot service that you are sure to enjoy.

Of course, setting up a WiFi Hotpot costs money, both to setup and to maintain. We also have to pay for servers, staff and network services so it's important that we can generate enough money to pay for these and to ensure that we can continue to provide the service long into the future.

The answer is to display paying ads to the customers using the service - but to do this in an acceptable way needs careful thought. We don't want to upset or alienate our customers in any way - we want them to enjoy the service and to recognize that the ads form an essential part of the service that enables it to be free for them to use.

We have therefore worked hard to display ads in an acceptable way and yet to give value to the advertiser so that they achieve a good Return on Investment for the money they spend with us.

When connected to a dSpot, you can either browse for 10 minutes and then see a page of local ads and coupons, or install our Access Manager Toolbar. This sits along the top or bottom of your screen (your choice) and allows you to perform Internet searches as well as access local news and weather and special offers from retailers no more than 1 mile from where you are. It also ensure that our ads will appear every so often on your screen, placed strategically to cause minimum interruption. We work hard with the advertisers to ensure that the ads are of interest to the customer, based upon web site viewing history and the physical location of the dSpot. Whilst we capture URLs and keywords we can NEVER associate these with an individual as we do not ask for your name or address or any identifying information - it's 100% anonymous.

We hope you understand the reason for the ads and that you find them acceptable. If you have any problems with them then please get in touch via the Contact page.

Ads - a Small price to pay

Typically WiFI Hotspots will charge you by the hour or day - even if you only need a few minutes access to check email. During that time if you were connected to a dSpot your charges would be ZERO and you would have seen a few ads - some of which might have been of great interest to you (for example perhaps a free Danish with that coffee you are drinking!)

What would you prefer - a few interesting ads and coupons on your screen or to pay hard earned cash out of your wallet?

Still concerned about our software and ads?

Install our Access Manager and try it out - it's easy on the eye and you can even move the ads around the screen so they cause minimum inconvenience! You can minimize it and move it to the top or bottom of the screen. When you uninstall it is 100% removed - nothing left behind and we certify it to be 100% virus free.

The dSpot Access Manager is a really useful tool - it allows you to perform Internet searches quickly and easily and also provides you with instant access to the Local News and Weather and the local Yellow Pages and a button will also show you any special offers from local retailers, specially negotiated between them and dSpot, just for you.

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